Fusion Middleware

What is Fusion Middleware?

Fusion Middleware 11g's hot-pluggin design allows you to optimize your existing investments in applications and technology, while also capitalizing on progressive hardware and software design. The goal of Fusion Middleware is to take advantage of these amenities in both IT and business processes to give you the ability to adapt and innovate more effectively and rapidly. Fusion Middleware 11g is the cornerstone for innovation.

How Fusion Middleware Enhances PeopleSoft

At first glimpse, the trademark nature of PeopleSoft applications might indicate that minimal or no benefit can be gained outside of the delivered PeopleSoft technology. This could not be further from the truth. There are considerable advantages to Fusion Middleware with PeopleSoft applications that can vastly improve the way PeopleSoft applications interface with other applications, enhance system security and the platform that PeopleSoft applications run in, and even progress the overall application user experience.


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